In The Darkroom

It's a lovely thing, the darkroom. The sound of running water, familiar smells of fixer and stop bath, damp concrete floor, shadowy corners, the muted safelight. I watch the images I print appear on the paper and have made something.  Here is my darkroom sink, with the light on.

And below, in the dark, on the left, is my enlarger as I'm printing. The colorful splash in the upper left is the enlarger head, the white horizontal slash just below is the light as it beams through the enlarging lens down to the paper, the reddish rectangle at the bottom. It looks red because I'm using a magenta filter for contrast. The safelight is in the upper right, and the other things being illuminated are boxes of photo paper of various sizes. I'm printing a 16x20 sink.

This is the sink when it's finished. Of course it's just a scan of the piece, but you get the idea.

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